A closeup exterior photo of Dawson Creek Regional Airport.


Located in northeastern British Columbia, the City of Dawson Creek has a population of about 12,000. The Dawson Creek Regional Airport is a 7-minute drive from downtown and helps to keep the city connected with rest of Canada. 

WASCO oversees the management, operation, and maintenance of the airport. 



City of Dawson Creek


Dawson Creek, BC, Canada

In June 2020, WASCO partnered with the City of Dawson Creek and entered into an agreement to oversee the management, operation, and maintenance of the Airport.  

Airport management

Our airport manager administers and supports the airport management systems that are critical to operations. We overseee the administration of airport agreements and capital expenditure budgets and coordinate with federal government agencies and city delegates concerning operations, management, maintenance, marketing, development, and funding at the airport. 

Technical services

The WASCO technical team provides expertise in the Safety Management System, Quality Assurance Program, and Airport Regulatory programs. 

Quality management

The WASCO Quality management team provides support through monthly and annual operations reports and identifies opportunities to improve airport efficiencies and effectiveness. WASCO's recent contribution to developing a communications plan for the airport highlights our commitment to respond to our customer's needs while delivering on our service obligations. 

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