WASCO offers expertise across a wide range of aviation services, thanks to the people and partnerships behind our brand.

As a subsidiary of Winnipeg Airports Authority, we have the direct oversight and experience of WAA executives, in addition to the extensive knowledge of our WASCO team. We’ve also formed strategic partnerships to expand our capacity and work closely with local airport communities. 

Partner with WASCO

We're always looking to build partnerships that best fulfil the unique needs of airports and the communities that rely on them. To discuss partnership opportunities, contact us.

Our partners

We have several partnerships across our lines of services to offer community-based expertise and local employment at the airports we serve. Working with strategic partners such as Municipalities, Towns, Cities and Corporations such as Avia NG, Concert Infrastructure, and Bouygues Energies and Services, we can leverage specific skills and extensive expertise to meet the broad range of airport needs. 

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