At WASCO, our business is airports. We’re committed to leveraging our resources and expertise to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to airports of any size, anywhere.

We deliver aviation services as a community-based partner because we understand the challenges and opportunities of operating a safe and efficient airport environment.

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Our story

WASCO was created as a means to share the expertise and passion of the team at Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA) and support the aviation community beyond the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport.

Our first major project was for the Iqaluit International Airport in northern Canada. Awarded by the Government of Nunavut, this 30-year Public Private Partnership was the first of its kind in Canada and includes the design, build, finance, maintenance, and operation of the Iqaluit International Airport.

Since then, we’ve invested in other companies and partnerships, including Security Resource Group (SRG), Churchill Transportation Inc., Compass Transportation Consultants Ltd. and WASCO North. Our subsidiary, NASL, is the first airport operation in Canada and the only Canadian National Airport System airport to achieve ISO 9000 certification.

As we expand our reach beyond the North, we continue to develop strategic partnerships to help us deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients and airport partners. 

Connecting communities

At the core of WASCO’s values is our commitment to communities and aviation. Airports provide essential services and economic prosperity through the transportation of passengers, cargo, and social services. In remote areas, airports are often the only means of connecting communities with food, fuel, healthcare, and other goods and services.

Airports are also complex entities with stringent regulatory requirements designed to keep passengers and communities safe. They require significant financial investments to maintain operations and keep infrastructure safe, compliant, and efficient.  

WASCO employees take a group selfie with airport partners at Sanikluaq.
Photo provided by Quality Assurance Inspections – CYSK Sanikiluaq

Company overview


Winnipeg Airports Authority Inc. (WAA) is our parent corporation and operator of the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport. 


WASCO North is contracted by the Government of Nunavut to deliver a Safety Management System and Quality Assurance Program for 24 northern and remote airports in Nunavut. 


A subsidiary of WASCO, Nunavut Airport Services Limited (NASL) was contracted by the Government of Nunavut through Arctic Infrastructure Partners to operate the Iqaluit International Airport under a 30-year PPP agreement. 

Our approach 

At WASCO, our working relationships are built on partnership and collaboration. Our financial model is based on cost plus recovery and financial transparency to our clients. 

We’re partners in the broader aviation community. As leaders in the industry, we’re compelled to share and leverage our expertise to drive innovation and growth throughout Canada and abroad.


Where bold journeys take flight.


Connecting communities and partnering to build a sustainable future.


  • Safety
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Inclusion
  • Excellence

Our team

We’re passionate about aviation. Our desire to share knowledge and experience with the broader aviation community is why WASCO exists. Our employees have expertise in the fields of airport management, airfield operations, regulatory compliance, facilities maintenance, and related trades. We work closely as a team to provide industry-leading resources and professionalism to local airports and communities. 


Michael O’Gorman, Managing Director

Michael O’Gorman has over 30 years of airport industry experience. He holds executive responsibility for the growth and development of WASCO and its subsidiaries.

Prior to establishing WASCO, Mr. O’Gorman was Vice-President, Operations and Customer Service with the Winnipeg Airports Authority, a role he held during the commissioning of the new Terminal Building. Prior to WAA, he held various roles with the Government of Northwest Territories and the Government of Nunavut, including Director, Airports with Nunavut Airports.

Mr. O’Gorman is an accredited International Airport Professional through the ACI-ICAO Airport Management Professional Accreditation Program, a licensed airfield electrician and a licensed airport rescue firefighter.

Trevor Zemliduk, Director, Airports

Mr. Trevor Zemliduk is an operation executive with more than 20 years of experience in the aviation industry. His energy, motivation, and passion for excellence has powered his aviation career. 

Mr. Zemliduk led a team at WASCO to develop, implement, and deliver a Safety Management System program and Quality Assurance Program for 32 airports across Canada and the Caribbean. He managed station operations for a leading Canadian airline and leveraged his experience to improve their global de-ice manual, training, quality assurance program, oversight, and continuous improvement initiatives. He was fundamental to the successful start up and operation of the YWG, CDF, Waterloo and Chicago O’Hare de-icing operations.

Throughout his career, fostering relationships and a solution-based approach to all scenarios have proven beneficial for customers/partners and driven business development.

Mr. Zemliduk is a Certified Member of the International Association of Airport Executives, a member in good standing with the Society of Automotive Engineers G12, a member of the Manitoba Aviation Council, has chaired and co-chaired Airline Consultative De-ice Committees, and participated in the airport best practices committee.

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