Airports need to train staff on Transport Canada regulatory requirements that govern the required components of a successful Safety Management System and Quality Assurance Program.  

While some training programs are available online that offer basic SMS information, these programs do not provide sufficient guidance and understanding of the regulation itself. The gap in guidance and understanding is critical to meeting regulatory compliance. WASCO works with airports to ensure they are aware of regulations, why the regulations impact them, and how to achieve and retain compliance.

Airports are often forced to seek training programs in multiple locations and sources because they can’t find comprehensive training in one spot. This comes with the added expense of travel and accommodations for staff that need to travel for training. WASCO works with airports to structure training to their needs and present it in the most economically effective manner — remotely or on-site.

Training for specific roles

Transport Canada regulations require airport staff to be trained for their specific role and to be knowledgeable about the contents of regulatory manuals for that role. Most roles do not require a knowledge of elements not related to their function. WASCO can tailor training for specific roles that focus on the regulations that govern what they must do. 

Customized for airport needs

WASCO can adapt training, SMS, and auditing to meet the specific conditions and challenges at your airport. We consider airport location, size, weather conditions, staffing levels, and any specific concerns. We’ll harness our experience from working with similar airports to help you moving forward in the most effective manner. 

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