Beautiful view from a northern remote airport. Airfield lighting in the foreground, with snow-covered terrain and open water at dusk.


The Government of Nunavut Department of Economic Development and Transportation – Airports Division owns and operates 24 northern and remote airports across Nunavut. 

WASCO provides technical services to ensure Nunavut Airports Division meets all safety and regulatory requirements across these 24 airports. 


Government of Nunavut – Airports Division


24 airports across Nunavut

Key partnerships

Nunavut Airport Services Limited (NASL)

Services provided

We began our partnership in 2016 to provide technical services supporting the development, implementation and oversight of a compliant Safety Management System and Quality Assurance Program for their 24 airports.


Safety Management System (SMS)

The unique partnership with the Government of Nunavut allows WASCO to provide qualified technical and management staff to support the Airport Regulatory Programs, including Safety Management and Quality Assurance at the 24 airports.  

Aerial photo of a runway beside a remote northern airport community.

Audit team

Acting independently from the SMS team, the Audit team is responsible for executing Quality Assurance Program audits at each of the 24 airports. These audits will include reviewing regulatory documents, processes and airport physical infrastructure.  

Bright green northern lights over a remote northern airport.

Meeting the needs of northern and remote airports

Our cooperative partnership with the Government of Nunavut allowed WASCO to establish a Safety Management System and Quality Assurance Program to suit the specific needs of remote and regional airports. Airports of this size, scope, and complexity may not require a full-time dedicated individual to administer these program, WASCO provides for a fully compliant program to be administered remotely without requiring additional staff. Partnering with WASCO for SMS enables Airport Management to focus on the performance of their operations while WASCO can manage the process of safety and regulatory compliance.

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