Airport best practices must emphasize the importance of governance and consistency, and also strive for continuous improvement. 

WASCO’s team of highly skilled aviation professionals are ISO 9001 certified and experienced in legislative, regulatory, and airport management systems. 

Our commitment through compliance, competency, consistency and continuous improvement will ensure our customers that quality objectives will always be met and sustainability is achieved. 

Quality audit program

WASCO can create a quality audit program to be reviewed annually. Quality audits conducted throughout the year will assure that airport management systems, procedures, as well as sub-contractors interacting with our clients are systemically following documented processes and are obtaining evidence that specific requirements are being met.  

Policy and management system

We’ll develop a quality policy and quality management system that clearly defines the operational organization, policies, procedures, instructions, documentation, data and records to support the operation, ensuring that each is fit for its intended purpose. 

Over a decade of quality management

WASCO’s quality management services began in 2012 when we were awarded a P3 project in Iqaluit to deliver airport operation services. Both WASCO and the Government of Nunavut recognized the value in developing and certifying a Quality Management system to ISO standards. This led to the development of a quality management system for departments at the Winnipeg International Airport and providing quality documentation to other airports served by WASCO. 

ISO Certification

ISO certification is a seal of approval that a company meets international standards developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Our goal is to make that process as simple as possible for our partner airports. 

Initial assessment

We do an initial assessment to determine how the airport currently stands with regards to a specific ISO Certification.


Based on the assessment, we make a series of recommendations to help you meet compliance.

Implementation plan

You'll receive a plan for implementing the recommendations (to be completed over 6-12 months).

Implementation support

Rely on our team to help you implement all the recommendations. We’ll assist with writing manuals and mandatory standard operating procedures (as required by the standard)

Continuous improvement

You can begin the process of certification 6-8 weeks after the initial assessment. Once certified, the systems are focused on continual improvement. We’ll visit you on a regular basis to ensure you’re on track with the recommendations and ready for re-certification year after year.

Photo of a waiting area in an airport terminal building. Out the window, a plane sits at the gate surrounded by airfield equipment.
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